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Rugfish truffle & White soy Sushi Sauce

Take your sushi to the next level with this versatile truffle & white soy sushi sauce from Japan. This unique seasoning that enhances the sushi experience with the rich aroma of truffles and smooth tones of white soy sauce.

Not having sushi? Try it with meat, pasta, eggs and omelettes or in soup for udon, ramen or in your favorite dipping sauce.

The Joy of white Soy

White Shōyu (soy sauce) is made by brewing wheat and a minimum amount of soybeans. The result is a sweet, delicate and unique flavor combination that allows you to add soy sauce flavor to your dishes, without the heavy coloring of a normal soy sauce.

This is a popular seasoning for presenting dishes like sashimi, which are best served with the savory sauce, but appearance would be impacted by the normal heavy dark color of soy sauce.

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Rugfish believes that great food should be good for everyone. So whether you are a customer, retailer or manufacturer, there's plenty of fish to go around.


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